China 2004

The gang in TiananmenThe Acumedic Foundation trip to Beijing, September 2004:
Led by Prof Mei and Dr Lilly, guided by Anne and driven by Captain Leung in his King Long, some assorted acupuncturists come to watch, learn and engage in assorted East West dialogues, as well as do the tourist thing.
Learning consisted of visiting Dongfang hospital, observing acupuncture clinics, tuina clinics and visiting wards and some treatment facilities. There were lectures in Chinese, English and both, and an East West symposium. We saw several Chinese pharmacies and a museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine and herbs. We were welcomed by the Beijing university for Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Chinese Association of Chinese Medicine, the World Federation for Chinese Medicine Societies.
There were a number of vast lunches, found an interesting vegetarian restaurant, some Tea Shop entertainment and a Mongolian Banquet to end.
We visited Tiananmen, the Forbidden City, Jingshan Park, Drum and Bell towers, Beihai park, the lakes, Tiantan park, Ming tombs, Summer Palace, climbed the Great Wall,  saw Chinese acrobatics, and went to Tianjin, shopped in  Liuli Chang, Curio City, pearl factory, jade factory, tea room, silk lane, Wangfujing and more.

Good things:
Kites flying over the city, fine weather of the golden season, last early morning walk through Beihai park with everything going on, hutongs around the lakes, bears growling, seeing Jane.

Bad things:
Constant offers of DVDCD, spitting.